Traverse Rods & Curtain Rods

When an object speaks to us across time, it’s because of its authenticity.


Element - Traverse rod

Stainless Finish

Metro Track

Curtain Rods and Drapery Hardware

motorized track

Traverse rods & curtain rods
Drapery hardware for tall windows
Extra long curtain rod
The Loft and metropolis traverse rods by Urban Decors
Element curtain rod with rings and brackets
Wood pole & rods, brackets and endcaps
Finials and curtain rods, black, brass, stainless steel drapery rods

Motorized System Track System - 5500 Series

- Touch Impulse Technology, gently pulling the curtain to open or close. A gentle pull will activate the track thanks to the Smart Touch
- Impulse technology of the track.
- Integrated Emergency Control ensures manual operation of the curtain rod in case of power failure. (standard feature)
- Pinch Pleat, Ripple Fold (ripplefold) and Wave fold available for most tracks.
- Strong torque force, running steadily and quietly when the curtain is closed
- Stop-on-resistance function protect the whole track
- Silent traverse rod - smotor, speed: 100RPM.
- Full automatic setting of the limits.
- Programming of intermediate positions possible.
- Black rods and brackets for a modern look. This rods are heavy dutty.